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Name Extension Email Area
Boelky, Jean 239 jboelky@bcctc.org Cooperative Education Coordinator
Cairns, Theresa (RN BSN) 235 tcairns@bcctc.org Health Occupations
Chance, Susan 245 schance@bcctc.org  Learning Facilitator
Conti, Laurie 302 lconti@bcctc.org Cosmetology
Davis, Jason 246 jdavis@bcctc.org  Automotive Technology Assistant
DiGiacomo, Renee 237 rdigiacomo@bcctc.org  Business Information Systems
Evanchak, Betsy 254 bevanchak@bcctc.org  Special Education Instructional Asst.
Faiella, Benny 229 bfaiella@bcctc.org  Instructional Aide
French, Jeffrey 302 jfrench@bcctc.org  Cosmetology Aide
Gallagher, Brandy L. 291 bgallagher@bcctc.org  Culinary Aide
Geisler, Thomas 231 tgeisler@bcctc.org  Welding 
Graham, Christopher J. 308 cgraham@bcctc.org  Logistics & Materials Management
Kristek, Ezekiel 287 ekristek@bcctc.org  Learning Facilitator Aide
Laderer, Michael 238 mladerer@bcctc.org  Cognitive Math Teacher
LaMont, Mark 223 mlamont@bcctc.org  Masonry / Bricklaying
Lehocky, Bryan 224 blehocky@bcctc.org Greenhouse / Landscaping
Liller, Anne M. 250 aliller@bcctc.org  Guidance Counselor
Liptak, David 288 dliptak@bcctc.org  Carpentry
Mano, Francis 289 fmano@bcctc.org  Commercial Art & Design
Mason, Dolores J. 302 dmason@bcctc.org  Cosmetology
Metz, George 228 gmetz@bcctc.org  Machine Tool Technology
Miller, JoAnn jmiller@bcctc.org  Instructional Aide
Mitsch, Elizabeth 284 emitsch@bcctc.org  Instructional Aide
Murdoch, Michael 306 mmurdoch@bcctc.org  Collision Repair Technology
Ostronic, Daniel 225 dostronic@bcctc.org HVAC-R Plumbing / Heating
Pallerino, David (Jr.) dpallerino@bcctc.org  Instructional Aide
Rotunda, Lorraine lrotunda@bcctc.org  Instructional Aide
Segriff, Brian 243 bsegriff@bcctc.org  Electrical Occupations
Stevenson, Camille 303 cstevenson@bcctc.org  Culinary Arts
Tetemanza, Glenda 224 gtetemanza@bcctc.org  Instructional Aide
Valasek, Alan 218 avalasek@bcctc.org  Automotive Technology Assistant
Vuckovich, Stephanie 281 svuckovich@bcctc.org  Veterinary Assistant
Watson, Mary 234 mwatson@bcctc.org  Culinary Arts Aide
Wilber, Greg 241 gwilber@bcctc.org  Instructional Aide
Zelina, Elizabeth 282 bzelina@bcctc.org  Graphic Arts & Printing


The Beaver County Career & Technology Center is an equal opportunity educational institution and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex and handicap

in its activities, programs or employment practices as required by Title VI, Title IX and Section 504.

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